Reflexx Platform Bed Base with Ocean Headboard

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The Reflexx platform bed base with the Ocean headboard from Beaudoin encourages relaxation and luxury. Available for all mattress setups, from Twin to King, this bed base enriches every bedroom with its cozy and refined appearance, thanks to a tufted headboard adorned with elegant buttons.

Tufted Elegance: The Ocean headboard, with its tufted finish and meticulously placed buttons, adds a touch of luxury and comfort, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Enchanting Comfort: Every detail of the Ocean bed has been thoughtfully considered, from the hand-placed buttons to the overall design, ensuring unparalleled quality and comfort.

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Advanced Customization: The Reflexx base transforms your bedroom into a personalized haven with its extensive selection of colors and textures in 100% polyester fabrics. This range not only ensures superior quality and long-lasting durability but also complete adaptability to your preferences and the ambiance of your resting space, for tailored comfort and style.

Stability and Durability: The robust wooden structure, covered with a non-slip fabric, provides a solid and durable base for your mattress, contributing to restorative and safe sleep.

Integrated Functionality: Enjoy the convenience of the integrated USB extension, making it easier to charge your electronic devices and enhancing your sleep experience.

Under-Bed Space Enhancement: As an additional option, enhance your base with 2 or 4 practical drawers to maximize storage in your room, specially designed for limited spaces. Each drawer, offering a generous volume of 58L and made of durable black plastic, represents an efficient and stylish storage solution under your bed.

Beaudoin Signature: Beaudoin, renowned for its commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, turns every night into a luxurious experience with the Reflexx platform bed base and the Ocean headboard, combining aesthetics, comfort, and innovation.

Available exclusively at our retailers. To customize your bed and receive a price estimate, visit one of our retailers. The price shown is indicative; for the final price, please consult one of our retailers.

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