Quest 2.0 Adjustable Bed – The Basic

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Our Quest 2.0 adjustable bed, with its ultra-thin profile, meets your needs without altering your bedroom.

All of our adjustable beds are distribution products manufactured by Ergomotion.

Note: This product is sold ONLY at our retailer stores and the price displayed is for information only.

* Compatible with our upholstered beds, and our Reflexx and Breeze platforms.



Spec Sheet

Instruction Manual

Main Features:

  • Zero G™ preset position:
    One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back.
  • Wireless remote with programmable presets:
    Ability to program up to 2 custom positions.
  • LED flashlight:
    On touch button to turn the flashlight on the remote on or off.
  • Foldable and UPS’able:
    Provides a foldable base for easy storage, setup, and transportation.
  • Slim profile:
    The base has a thickness of only 3”. Therefore, you can easily fit your adjustable bed into your favorite bed.
  • Gravity release safety feature:
    Head and foot motors designed to lower the mattress by retracting only with gravity, never pulling downwards, which minimizes pinch points.
  • Compatible with headboard:
    Compatible with our headboards. Headboard brackets sold separately.
  • Battery back up strap:
    In the event of a power outage, the base can be brought to a flat position by installing batteries to the emergency strap under the bed.
  • Smooth Power™ lifting system:
    Head and foot motors that gradually increase in power when articulated, providing the user with seamless transition from position to position.
  • Zero Standby Power™ system:
    For the energy conscious consumer, the Zero Standby Power System consumes < 1 W when not in use.
  • Smart Sync™ pairing system:
    Synchronization has never been easier. Simply connect two 39” XL bases with the sync cord provided. Each remote will operate both bases simultaneously. Just plug and go!
  • Next generation SilentDrive™ motors:
    Head and foot motors engineered to preserve a peaceful sleep environment by creating very little noise when activated.
  • 4-Level legs:
    4-Level black round legs included: 3’’, 6’’, 9’’ and 12’’. Different legs can be purchased separately. Designed for full operation with legs or placed on a flat surface.
  • Weight limits:
    Supports a maximum weight of 650 lbs evenly distributed across the base.
  • Nationwide warranty support:
    Backed by Ergomotion’s 10 Year Limited warranty and industry leading customer service.

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Weight Capacities

750 lb