Experience nearly 60 years of expertise as a bed base manufacturer in Canada.

Experience nearly 60 years of expertise as a bed base manufacturer in Canada.

At Beaudoin, each bed base made in Canada is the result of our passion and skills honed over time. From Canadian wooden bed bases to our durable models, our commitment is to offer you quality and longevity.

Thanks to our unique expertise in design and assembly, your purchase of Canadian bed bases reflects the best of local design and manufacturing.

Bed base combining excellence and elegance for your bedroom.

Bed base combining excellence and elegance for your bedroom.

Entirely conceived and manufactured in Canada, our beds reflect a genuinely Canadian manufacturer’s expertise.
With timeless designs and durable materials, each Beaudoin bed base is a symbol of enduring quality and elegance.
Our expertise
Your room, your masterpiece.

Your room, your masterpiece.

Dive into a world where each bed becomes a centerpiece. Our rich selection of fabrics and accessories is designed to blend with your decor, turning each room into a unique dream space. With Beaudoin, customize your comfort.

Premium quality, price tailored to your room.

At Beaudoin, we dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction by offering aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and reliable beds at affordable prices.
Our DNA is enriched with attentive listening and constant innovation. We welcome every challenge and request with enthusiasm, because for us, every bedroom dream is within reach.

Made in Canada

At Beaudoin, our pride lies in having established our factories in the heart of Centre-du-Québec, thereby supporting the local community by providing quality jobs.
This proximity allows us a strict control over our manufacturing process, ensuring that each bed is created to the highest standards and using only the best materials.

An eco-responsible vision

At Beaudoin, every bed base we manufacture locally for the Canadian and American markets speaks to our commitment to a greener future.
Whether it’s through adopting rail transportation, intensive recycling of our materials, or installing a solar wall, we continually strive to reduce our ecological footprint. Producing quality bed bases and respecting the environment go hand in hand for us.

A family history

The Beaudoin company, specializing in bed bases, is first and foremost a family story.
Each generation has instilled its own values, allowing a Quebecois company to shine throughout North America.
Who we are and what we create
Brian Crochetière, Diane Beaudoin Brian Crochetière, Diane Beaudoin