A visionary family, proudly local

VISION, BOLDNESS and INNOVATION: these are more than just words, it’s how you describe three successive generations of Beaudoins.

Having built a prosperous business, with a presence from coast to coast, the Beaudoin family also takes pride in contributing to the region’s economy and promoting local talent.


Julien Beaudoin Ltée was founded

In the 1960s, Julien Beaudoin, skilful self-taught, observed that many furniture manufacturers struggled to obtain metal sides. He decided to enter this market and founded the company Julien Beaudoin Ltée. Along with his wife and valuable partner Marie-Paule, the company’s reputation grew in the field of metal frames.

Acquisition by Diane Beaudoin

Under the guidance Julien’s daughter Diane, the company expanded its product line and increased its offering to the Canadian market. The company became the national leader in steel bed frame manufacturers.


Opening American markets

This new phase of expansion paved the way for new designs and R&D investment that enabled the manufacturer to rise to the forefront of innovation.

New management

Brian Crochetière took the reins of the company. This strengthened Beaudoin’s recognized values of quality, reliability and efficiency, and a promising new era began to emerge on the horizon.


New! Upholstered beds

Beaudoin is always on the lookout for new trends and eager to meet the needs of our customers. A new range of products was born: upholstered beds, which quickly seized a large market share.

50 years

We celebrated our 50th anniversary and marked the occasion by funding a family water park and playground in Daveluyville, the municipality that has been home to the company since its founding.


Beaudoin introduces a new platform!

Perceiving a consumer wish for an alternative to the steel bed frame and box spring, Beaudoin develops a new line of products: platform beds. Platforms provide excellent support to the mattress, while being more appealing and functional despite their simplicity. Indeed, a headboard and storage can be added.

One more innovation: Breeze!

Always on the lookout for new market trends, and observing the expansion of online mattress sales, Beaudoin adds the Breeze platform to the catalog. Creation of this easy-to-assemble platform proved to be a smart move, as sales of this product continue to increase significantly.


Large company of the year

Beaudoin was awarded the title of Grande entreprise de l’année 2020 by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Bois-Francs-Érables. This decision was made in part because of Beaudoin’s innovative product line as well as our constant concern for the well-being of its employees and the environment.

A healthy company!

Beaudoin takes the current health situation very seriously and has implemented all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of our employees and customers. Although this has turned our daily lives upside down, our business is doing very well! We are also actively recruiting. This is great news!


With the past predicting the future, the Beaudoin family and our entire team still have some great surprises and ingenious innovations in store to meet the market’s current and future needs. Story to follow!