5 Tips to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is a major asset for better success in all areas of our lives. It helps us be more patient, focused, in a better mood—in short, to be the best version of ourselves. Here are 5 small tips that can help you have a good, restorative night’s sleep.

1. Sleep in a Cool and Dark Room

Without delving into technical details, sleeping in a room that is too cold or too hot can affect the quality of sleep. According to some specialists, the ideal room temperature should be between 16° and 18° Celsius. The room should also be as dark as possible. Light is the main indicator telling our brain that it should stay awake and alert. Even the slightest light could prevent you from reaching the deep sleep stage, thus hindering a good recovery.

2. Try to Relax 1 Hour Before Going to Bed

Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean meditating (although that can help), but simply engaging in a calm activity. You can read, play games like sudoku or crosswords, color, etc. It’s also important to avoid using electronic devices such as television, phones, computers, as they emit bright light that, as we know, wakes up the brain! The opposite of our initial goal, isn’t it?

3. Sleep at Regular Hours

By falling asleep and waking up at relatively fixed hours, your body will develop this habit. So, when the “bedtime hour” arrives, your body will naturally start to fall asleep. We know that this routine can be more challenging to follow on weekends, where we may go to bed later or sleep in. However, if you have difficulty sleeping, this can be a very effective solution.

4. Paint Your Room in a Soothing Colour

Colours are associated with emotions. For example, blue and green are colors that inspire calmness, making them good choices for a bedroom. Conversely, red and orange are stimulating colours that give energy, so they should be avoided.

5. Have a Mattress That Suits You

Whether it’s become old, too small, too soft (or not soft enough), if your mattress no longer meets your needs, it can quickly become the source of a bad night’s sleep. It is therefore important to have a mattress tailored to your sleep habits. And it is no longer even necessary to go out to buy one; you can easily make the purchase online while considering certain priority points.

Having a second person in our bed can also disturb our moment of rest, especially if that person tosses and turns a lot! Fortunately, there are now mattresses that will prevent you from feeling the movements of your significant other. It is also recommended to avoid sleeping with pets, which also tend to move, make noise, and warm the bed.

There you have it! These few tips should allow you to have a most restorative night, allowing you to tackle the day with your batteries fully recharged!