How to improve the comfort of your room

1.Choose colors to sleep better

The power of colors is known to influence our mood. Some help you sleep, and tofall asleep more easily. It is therefore recommended to opt for a color palette that will help you drift off. Choose tones according to your type of decor and your preferred mood. If you want a calm and cozy environment, it is better to bet on the soft and warm colors of a bohemian or natural design. For a more modern and industrial decor, shades of gray will give a colder and invigorating atmosphere at sunrise.

2.The choice of bedding

Changing the quality of your sheets is often a good way to improve comfort at a lower cost. Depending on your tolerance to heat, or to the cold of winter, there are several types of textiles that are sure to meet your tastes. It might be better to buy two sets of sheets that are a little more expensive than tons of non-comfy sheets.
Also opt for a pillow that will meet your needs, and help you avoid all kinds of discomfort and pain. Remember, it will be with you every night.

3.The influence of space

According to the art of Feng Shui, it seems that the orientation of the bed has a great influence on our quality of sleep. A bed facing north boosts energy flow – so does a well-organized bedroom space. Avoid placing your bed facing a door, or near a window. Light is also an element to watch out for, darkness better promotes rest.

4.Major clean-up!

Say goodbye to dust! Cleaning the room from top to bottom will allow you to breathe easier and to eliminate any allergen. Airing the room will bring a breath of freshness and improve the oxygen quality in the room. If aromatherapy enchants you, using an essential oil diffuser will envelop you with well-being. A few hours before bedtime, the fragrances of eucalyptus, lavender or chamomile will be the perfect accomplices for a peaceful sleep.

You are now equipped with simple tips to improve the comfort of your bedroom without emptying your wallet. 
Good Rest!

7 Adjustable Bed Features that May Improve Your Life

The adjustable bed – previously known as « articulated bed » or « electric bed » – does not have the best of reputations. It may remind one of hospitals and sick people. And yet, in terms of look and technology, the adjustable bed evolved tremendously. Many new features may now make your sleep, and even your life, better. Let me introduce my favourite ones!

1. Bluetooth connection and voice control

Remote control, wireless or not, is a standard feature of adjustable beds. Some beds even have a pocket where to store your remote, so you do not have to wonder « where have I left that remote again…? » But now, thanks to technology, you do not even need a remote anymore!

Indeed! With a Bluetooth connection, you can download an application in your smart phone, that will allow you to control your adjustable bed! Even more impressive, some beds can be activated by your VOICE! You just dictate commands that will activate the various features. The ultimate luxury.

2. Preset positions

You must be wondering now what you could command your bed to do? Here is an example: preset positions! Depending on what model of adjustable bed you choose, you could save your « TV » or « Reading » positions. No need to fuss trying to find perfect comfort (err… feet a bit higher? No? Lower, then?) Some remote buttons are already preset positions, but you can modify them to meet YOUR needs. 

3. Zero G position

By the way, there is one preset button that I absolutely must mention, and that will change your life: the ZERO G button! This position raises your legs to a higher level than your heart. Which can seem strange at first… After all, we have been used to sleep in a flat position! In fact, NASA came up with the ZERO G position for astronauts during launchings.

Seriously, benefits are many: lower stress, less pressure on the lower back, better blood circulation in the legs, lower demand on the heart, better oxygenation… Once you have tried sleeping in ZERO G, you will never sleep flat ever again!

4. Underbed lighting

Are you the kind to get out of bed five times a night to visit the bathroom? Are you tired of stumbling in the clothes pile, or hitting your toes on the dresser because you cannot see a thing? Here is what you need: lights under your bed! And we’re not talking about patio lanterns here… No, no! Actual series of DEL lights already installed under your adjustable bed, that you can turn on and off using your remote or smartphone.

These DEL’s will light your way just so you see where you are walking, without waking up your significant other. Or your cat… or your dog… You get back into bed and turn off the lights. All done, and no collateral damage!

5. Massage motors

If you are like me, whenever you see a massage chair, you just must try it. It feels so good, so relaxing! But you are thinking: « hey, wait a minute here, this article is about beds… do you mean I could have that in my bed!? » Well, YES! Some adjustable beds come with massage motors! You choose the duration and the intensity. The very best way to destress after a long workday. Your body will thank you!

6. Lumbar support

When you are young and dashing, you can sleep anywhere. Literally anywhere. Bringing back memories, eh? But as we get older, we become more… delicate? Boo-boos, big and small, are making themselves felt, among them the widespread BACK PAIN! Well, with the ZERO G position mentioned above, you increase your chances of keeping a healthy back. But you could do more!

Some adjustable beds offer a lumbar support option. And what, pray tell, is that? It is an independently adjustable section in your bed that adds a bit more «thickness» under your lower back. You feel less pressure as your back is better supported. For people with a deep back curvature like me, believe me, the difference is real!

E9 Ergomotion Adjustable Bed

7. USB ports

Power outlets are so far away that you must get out of bed to use your phone as it charges? You’ve got enough of seeing these extensions laying around your bedroom floor just so you can connect your devices? Well now, picture this: your bed could come equipped with USB plugs. Yes! USB plugs on your bed! One on each side too, no fighting over it! Doesn’t need to be complicated to be useful.

So… your present bed is adequate, we agree. But if you wish to invest in your sleep, in your quality of life, and consequently decide to purchase an adjustable bed, take the time to get informed about these littles extras that you could enjoy! You spend quite a lot of time in your bed, so why not make it your own, according to your needs?

An adjustable bed in an upholstered bed

Ah! I almost forgot! When you go shopping for an adjustable bed, you might find it a bit less beautiful or sexy than your present bed. Well, do I have great news for you! Most adjustable beds can very well be installed inside an upholstered bed. And at Beaudoin we offer this option. Or, you could just add a headboard. No need to give up on style to get comfort! Do not hesitate to discuss your options with your sleep retailer.

Have a good time shopping… and sleeping!

5 Tips to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping well improves patience, concentration, mood… so you can be at your very best in all aspects of your life. Here are five tips to reach deep, restorative sleep.

1. A fresh and dark bedroom

Without getting too technical, sleeping in a room that is either too cold or too warm may negatively affect the quality of your sleep. According to specialists, a bedroom should be kept at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees, and as dark as possible. Light instructs our brain to stay awake. Any quantity of light in the bedroom could prevent you from reaching deep and restful sleep.

2. Relaxing for an hour before going to sleep

Relaxation does not necessarily mean meditation (although that could help!), but also choosing a quiet activity, like reading, sudoku, cross word puzzles, or coloring. Also, avoid screens, television, cell phone or computer… We know their sharp “blue light’’ keeps our brain alert… the very opposite of our basic goal here, right?

3. Keeping a regular sleep schedule

Falling asleep and waking at regular hours everyday sets your internal clock. Your body will start feeling drowsy around chosen bedtime. I know, this is harder to achieve on weekend, when we prefer staying up late and sleeping in. But if you are having a hard time finding sleep, this could be a solution for you.

4. Choose a soothing wall color

Colors generate emotions. For instance, blue and green inspire a calm state of mind. Consequently, they are appropriate for a bedroom. On the contrary, red and orange stimulate and energize, not the best options for a sleep-inducing environment.

5. Getting the perfect mattress

Your mattress no longer meets your need? It became too old, too small, too soft – or not enough? This situation may rapidly devolve in sleepless nights. Getting a mattress that is perfectly adapted to your sleeping habits is a must.

Sleeping with someone – especially a restless sleeper – may also disrupt your rest. Fortunately, some mattresses are now constructed to prevent your significant other from sharing their agitated night with you. Also, squirming, noisy pets warming the beds are not the ideal bedfellows.

There you go! These few tips certainly should help you get better sleep and start each day with your batteries properly recharged!