How to improve the comfort of your room

1. Choose colours to sleep better

The power of colours is known to influence our mood. Some help you sleep, and to fall asleep more easily. It is therefore recommended to opt for a colour palette that will help you drift off. Choose tones according to your type of decor and your preferred ambiance. If you want a calm and cozy environment, it is better to bet on the soft and warm colours of a bohemian or natural design. For a more modern and industrial decor, shades of gray will give a colder and invigorating atmosphere at sunrise.

However, it will be necessary to avoid anxiety-provoking colours which are found in shades of orange and red. Particularly for a child’s room, which could cause a little trouble during the bedtime routine. Pastel colours will work just fine!

And why neglect the ceiling? Although most of us go for classic white, a little splash of colour will have the effect of enveloping your restful haven.

Also ask about eco-friendly paint options for a more environmentally conscious choice.

2. The choice of bedding 

Changing the quality of your sheets is often a good way to improve comfort at lower cost. Depending on your tolerance to heat, or to the cold of winter, there are several types of textiles that are sure to meet your tastes. Often, it is better to buy two sets that are a little more expensive than tons of non-comfy sheets.

Also opt for a pillow that will meet your needs, and help you avoid all kinds of discomfort and pain. Remember, it will be with you every night.

 3. The influence of space 

According to the art of Feng Shui, it would seems that the orientation of the bed has a great influence on our sleep quality. A bed facing north boosts energy flow – so does a well-organized bedroom space. Avoid placing your bed facing a door, or near a window. Light is also an element to watch out for, darkness better promotes rest.

4. Major clean-up!

Say goodbye to dust! Cleaning the room from top to bottons will allow you to breathe easier and to eliminate any allergen. Airing the room will bring a breath of fresh air and improve the oxygen quality in the room. If aromatherapy enchants you, using an essential oil diffuser will envelop you with well-being. A few hours before bedtime, the fragrances of eucalyptus, lavender or chamomile will be the perfect accomplices for a peaceful sleep.

You are now equipped with simple tips to improve the comfort of your bedroom without emptying your wallet.

Good rest!