Adelaide Headboard with Reflexx Platform

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With its three horizontal seams, Adelaide will add a touch of modernity to your 10″ or 13″ Reflexx platform. It will be easily installed to the structure thanks to the brackets.

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* Headboard only also available
* Storage available
* USB extension integrated into the bed

Exuberance 6003 +

Exuberance 6003

Joshua Dune +

Joshua Dune

Basey Silver +

Basey Silver

Dicosta Linen +

Dicosta Linen

Redred Wine 061 +

Redred Wine 061

Joshua Ash +

Joshua Ash

Stallion Grey +

Stallion Grey

Motion 59 +

Motion 59

Joshua Charcoal +

Joshua Charcoal

Stallion Black +

Stallion Black

Turbo 040 +

Turbo 040

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Spec Sheet

Fabric Selection

* All fabrics are 100% polyester with the exception of Exuberance 6003 which also contains 15% linen.

Additional information

Leg Height

10", 13''

Headboard Height


Total Height


Assembly Instructions