e9 Adjustable Bed – The Elite

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The e9 model is our most complete adjustable bed. In addition to all the basic features, it provides cervical support and lumbar support for fully personalized and optimized comfort.

All of our adjustable beds are distribution products manufactured by Ergomotion.

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* Compatible with our upholstered beds


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Main Features:

 Support lombaire – Lombar Support Support cervical – Head Tilt Bluetooth Technologie Wall Saver – Wall Saver Technology Éclairage DEL – LED Lightning Moteurs de relaxation – Relaxation Motors USB 2 positions programmables – 2 Programmable Positions Zero G Pattes interchangeables – Interchangeable LegsGarantie 20 ans – 20 Years Warranty

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Weight Capacities

850 lb


Warranty 20 year